Computers for Kids (CFK) is a nonprofit that wants to build a new aged technology center that will make learning fun and exciting. We want to bring new technology into a learning atmosphere so the student can connect with the new times. Technology has made learning fun and easy, but it hasn’t been applied in many cases. CFK wants to change the way students learn with having a good time.
CFK wants to include basketball courts where players can calculate their shot by understanding the gravity, angle, laws of motion, energy, and spin so altogether they can becoming a better basketball player. Also, we would like to include Hot Wheels and Hot Wheel tracks which will teach students speedometry and kinetic energy (ramps, mass, slope, height, average, kinetic energy, and potential energy). A wind tunnel that shows students velocity, acceleration, gravity, drag force, and factors that determine terminal velocity (mass, gravity, surface area, drag, air density). We plan to have many more activities to teach students in a non-tradition way but rather a new world way.
Our expenses reach very high but the rewards of students understanding concepts that they never thought they could, would outweigh the money. We ask for your help to create a new way of learning, and a place students can receive help from not only adults but technology as well.
We have already begun designing the building and the classrooms. CFK would like the technology center up within 2 years. We truly can’t thank the community enough for what they’ve done to help us already but please help us make a brighter future for our children.

Come visit us today at 8540 W. Elisa Boise,Idaho 83709!