About Us

What is CFK?

Computers for Kids, Inc. (CFK) is a non-profit organization that takes donations of computers; refurbishes and licenses them as a registered Microsoft refurbisher and then donates fully-equipped computer systems to schools, non-profits and students in grades K-14.

Students working on computer for school

What is CFK's Intent?

Our intent is to equalize the educational opportunities that children have by providing them with home computers for their use, helping to close the "digital divide" that occurs between those who have easy access to computer technology versus those who do not.

Computers for Kids' Mission

Through the generosity of individuals and businesses, thousands of children have had the opportunity to participate in the technology world of today that they might not otherwise have. Since 2002, CFK has distributed over 40,000 refurbished computers to students and non-profit organizations and are the largest refurbisher in the United States. CFK's mission remains constant and on-going with the commitment to provide computers to children who may not have the opportunity at home to access the digital world that surrounds us today.