Online College Application (Grades 13-14)

Who does this application cover? 

Any student grades 13-14 who lives in Idaho, Oregon and Washington can use this form to apply for a computer once a year. Students grades 13-14 use this form, while state schools and nonprofits go here and K-12 go here. Our program is not income based, so everyone who applies for a computer will get one.

How much for a computer? 

Desktops are $185 and Laptops are $250.

How do I pay the processing fee? 

For the online application, the provided email will be sent an invoice. The invoice can be paid with credit card or bank transfer (No Apple Pay).  You can pay with cash, money order, credit card or check if you mail or email in the pdf application.

What do I need to complete the application? 

You need a copy of your student ID, info about your college and yourself to complete the application.

I still have questions? 

Contact us or read our FAQ.

The application has 3 pages and should take about 15 minutes to complete. The application doesn’t save, so it must be completed all at once. Do not refresh the page once you have started the application. 


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Questions before you start the application

If no, you need to go back to the main applications page and choose a different application.
If you don't want an invoice, please mail or email your application in.