Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a computer?

Students grades K-14, nonprofits and colleges in Idaho, Oregon and Washington can apply for computers. Students grades 9-14 can apply for laptops and desktops, while all other grades can apply for desktops. Our program is not income based, so every person who successfully applies will get a computer.

What comes with a computer?

All computers comes with Windows 10, Microsoft Office 10, and 1 year of free tech support. Desktops have a monitor, mice, keyboard, 4 GB RAM and various cords needed to plug in and start the computer.

How do I apply?

Get an application here. We have computer distributions at our Boise office on the third Saturday of every month. The deadline for each application is the end of the previous month. So if you want a computer in July, you would have to apply by the end of June 30.

I need help paying the processing fee.

If you are applying for a student in grades K-12 and receive aid from an Intergovernmental organization (IGO), you can qualify for a grant of up to $65 to go toward the processing fee. Examples of IGO's that would qualify would include Medicaid, free lunch program and food stamps (SNAP). If in doubt, contact us.

Occasionally, we will get sponsorship and fundraising that enables us to offer more scholarships to people. Check our Facebook page for the latest updates on potential scholarships. If you would like to sponsor scholarships for students to receive computers, please contact us.

How do I know if my application went through?

After 4-6 weeks, you should receive a letter in the mail on your application status. If you do not get a letter in that time frame or move, call 208-345-0346 ASAP. If you do not get the letter, we have no way of knowing unless you tell us.

I am not located near Boise and still need to pick up a computer. What do I do?

You have several options:

  • You can schedule to pick up a computer if you happen to be in town. You would need to apply at least a month ahead of time and call 208-345-0346 to schedule a pickup.
  • Have a friend/family member pick it up. Call 208-345-0346 after your distribution date and authorize the friend/family member to pick up the computer.
  • You can pay extra to have it shipped. Laptops are $30 and Desktops are $50 for shipping costs.
  • See if we have a trip scheduled to come to your area. If you want hold a fundraiser or sponsor a trip to an area, contact us.

What electronics donations/recycling do you take?

A handy list of common electronics we accept can be found on our donations page. If you have something not on the list, contact us.

Do you take broken electronics?

From our list of acceptable donations, we accept all broken electronics except TVs.

Where are you and when are you open?

Computers for Kids
8540 W Elisa St
Boise, ID 83709

Mon - Fri -

I have another question?

Contact us!
Phone: (208)-345-0346
Mon - Fri -