IATP and Computers for Kids

The Idaho Assistive Technology Project (IATP), collaborate with Computers for Kids, Inc. and Division of Special Education (SDE), to supply computers to Idaho students with disabilities, grades K to 12 who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Students must be in grades K to 12th, have a disability and an IEP to qualify for this specific program.

IATP Student Application

Funds are limited. To apply you must obtain an application thru the IATP office: Student Application with Cover Letter to Parents

REMEMBER: funds are limited and available to help students with disabilities on an IEP to receive a computer for home use at no charge.

IATP helping Rural Schools

Idaho's rural school districts for use in Resource Rooms. If you school is in a rural district and has a resource room, you may apply for desktops or Laptops for that room at no cost. Limited funds.

Rural School District Application PDF

Please call the IATP (800)432-8324 or email Sue at sueh@uidaho.edu if you have any questions. Visit the IATP website